Triton is in the water!

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We are building Triton

We have exciting news, Triton is soon ready to be assembled after many hours of sanding. During the past weeks we have optimized all the tolerances in CAD and 3D-printed new parts until they were nearly perfect. All the parts are finished except one.

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Our core values

We believe that everything is possible. New ideas is something we love and we try to always explore hidden passages to find the best solutions for you. Whether it’s a common tripod or whether it’s a flying robot, we design it for the you and the planet.

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Arrival of parts

This week components and parts for the prototype have arrived. Getting quality components have always been essential to make sure the product is totally reliable and works perfectly fine. We strive to make the products easy to use so you can just enjoy your best moments on the water.

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Making of the logotype

We would like to share the thoughts of the logotype of Camace and the strategy for our brand name. The brand name signifies our value proposition. We aim to create a professional photographer for you that is totally reliable.

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3D printer is running

For more than 6 months we have been working hard with the design of product and solved many technical problems. Finally the 3D-printer is now running. There have been many challenges along the way but the way to where the product is today has been amazing.

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Welcome story

Today, We are happy to launch our blog where we will share news about our process of making your own ocean photographer Triton. Other big happenings will also be shared here with you guys. We strongly believe that the best products are created together with all the stakeholders.

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