It's happening!

For more than 6 months we have been working hard with the design of product and solved many technical problems. Finally, the 3D-printer is now running. There have been many challenges along the way but it has always been an amazing time. We have learned so much and we really hope you guys will love the product as much as we do. For those who are not familiar with 3D-printing here comes a short brief about the process. 3D-printing is an additive process. Imagine building things with many thin layers, that is 3D-printing. We are lucky to have Salamander Design as a partner to help us get the best prints.

Triton is becoming reality and we are so excited!

The second part printed

The first attempt to 3D-print the lower part of the product was good but there was room for improvements. It was the first time we could feel the size of the product in our own hands and it felt great.

We printed the orange part. This part has more details and needs to be printed slower to not loose quality.

It's all in the details.

More prints on the way.

We try to work as quickly as possible but 3D-printing takes time. More parts will be printed next week and we are looking forward to have all the parts printed to continue with our development and let you guys test Triton.

Passion is what makes our products special. We Believe in it, all of it.

Plantbased material

For prototyping we use a plastic called PLA (Polylactic acid). PLA is a perfect choice since it is made from plants that absorb carbon dioxide. In others words, there is no net increase in carbon dioxide from its raw materials. Another benefit with PLA is that is quickly biodegradable. However, we care about environment and try to work as eco-friendly as possible.

Plantbased plastics are the future! /Filip

While waiting for the 3D-printer to finish our parts we are planning for future happenings and detailing the parts for production. We are currently looking for environmentally friendly plastics. If you have any knowledge or ideas about that don’t hesitate to write here or contact us.