Hi ocean lovers, camera geeks, and explorers!

Today, We are happy to launch our blog where we will share news about our process of making your own ocean photographer Triton. Other big happenings will also be shared here with you guys. We strongly believe that the best products are created together with all the stakeholders. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we have created this blog. Ocean lovers, camera geeks, and explorers, join the biggest adventure since GoPro launched and help us develop Triton to fulfill all your needs.

When Filip, our founder and CEO started wakeboarding in 2005 he was about 12-years-old, yeah long ago! Back then there were almost no possibilities of taking pictures of yourself while riding. The company GoPro was still in the early stage of developing their successful action camera GoPro Hero 2 which was launched in 2011. So what about it?

Many accessories have been developed since then but we still feel that there’s a gap in the market to capture your best moments while on the water.That’s what we are trying to solve!

How it all began

It all started while Filip was kitesurfing in his small hometown Karlsborg which is situated right in the middle of Sweden. It’s a lovely spot even though there are trees everywhere! But it’s all you need for kitesurfing and it’s a tremendous nature. At that time Filip had been practicing the sport for a few years and owned a GoPro but yet he had no good pictures of myself. Often he asked his friends or his mom to take pictures but without any success. That’s when he figured it all out!

I needed something reliable that is always there to take this stunning photo of me while sending the greatest tricks. How did I solve it? Simple. I just cut a piece of foam and mounted my GoPro on it.  It worked just fine, every other 100 image or so… /Filip

What has happened since then

For the past 1,5 years, we have developed the idea into a real product for every ocean lover that wants relive the moments. We want you to get stunning pictures while out there playing at the sea. The piece of foam has transformed into your ocean photographer we call Triton. He can manage rough conditions and will always take the best footage of you. Thanks to heavy calculations and several prototypes you can now get really good pictures or videos with this simple accessory for your GoPro. We have also included a gimbal which stabilizes your video. The icing on the cake is that the gimbal can be dismounted and used separately for all your adventures.

We have worked hard to get everything to work and look amazing because we want to deliver an extraordinary product to you. The second prototype is in the making now and I will soon write a post about that. Stay tuned and don’t forget to join the biggest adventure here.