We would like to share the thoughts of the logotype of Camace and the strategy for our brand name. The brand name signifies our value proposition. We aim to create a professional photographer for you that is totally reliable. Quality was an important part for us and that’s where ace comes in, someone really good at shooting pictures. Obvisously the other half fo the name comes from camera.

When creating our logotype it was important for us to include our core values innovation, passion, and reliability. We wanted also our adventurous personality to be there. The process started with a huge brainstorming for over a month. Ideas transformed into first sketches. Sketches turned into new ideas and so on. Some were inspired by cameras while others more by the ocean.

Finally, we got a logotype we are very proud due to the fact it reflects everything we stand for. Our core values were transformed into shapes. How does an adventurous shape look like for you? For us, it’s something happening, something moving and something exciting. But we didn’t stop there, we wanted everything to be there. So we continued with reliability and innovation. We strive to give you a reliable solution. That means something that is steady and is always there for you. Furthermore, we wanted it to be eyecatching and innovative, that’s why we made it minimalistic yet so exciting.


What do you see in the logotype of Camace?