The Camera Housing For Ocean Sports!

A transformative camera housing that adds tons of possibilities without complexity. An unprecedented leap in capturing moments and a fantastic floating camera system that pushes the boundaries of what you can capture. If you are an ocean explorer and you love sports like kitesurfing, wakeboarding, sailing, and so on, then Triton is the best camera housing you can have for you to think beyond what has been done before, explore and get a feel of the ocean, and capture moments as never before.

It just works. Amazingly.

The only tool to capture the moments you love. A new floating camera system. Smoother video than ever before and a remote control to make life easier. Place it wherever you want it to be with the sand anchor and get memories for the rest of your life. Click, send it and share.

Camace Triton Camera Housing
Camace Triton
Camace Triton

Your Amazing Camera DeservesAn Equally Amazing Camera Housing

The cutting-edge technology in Triton allows you to capture the action anywhere and gives you a perfectly smooth and amazing shot by controlling the shots remotely and pushing the envelope in front of the camera. You can capture a trick, record an establishing shot, and many more with your camera housing without even moving your camera.
Let Triton help you unleash your inner creativity!

Ultra Smooth

Add a whole new level of smoothness to your videos with Triton.

Handling and Traveling

We know that traveling takes you far and wide sometimes. So, we made Triton lightweight and easy to pack while still maintaining strength and durability.

Camace Triton Dome

Quick and Easy Operation

Designed with the owner or operator in mind, Triton is very easy to set up.

Superb Battery Life

Triton can provide exceptional battery life and capture memorable and thrilling moments with a battery that lasts for a straight two hours session.

Here's someone to hold your camera.

The incredible technology in Triton gives you a perfectly smooth and serene video. Control the shots remotely and push the envelope in front of the camera. Unleash skills you didn’t think you had.

Camace Triton Dome

Ultra Smooth

The gimbal makes your video smooth and serene.

Easy Travelling

Lightweight and easy to pack. Bring Triton on your journey.

Quick Start

Setting up Triton is easy and fast so you can focus on the adventure.

Great Battery Life

Battery for a 3-hour-session to capture all of your moments.

Water on the lens? Not a problem.

Inspired by nature, the dome is designed with a hydrophobic coating that prevents water droplets from ruining your shots. The dome is durable, scratch-resistant, and can handle the harsh environments, and once the camera is securely placed in the camera housing, the entire system locks securely to keep it in place. Triton is suitable for all water shots such as sailing photography, cliff jumping photography, wakeboarding photography, etc. So, you don’t have to ever worry about getting droplets of water on your lens.
Always have a clean glass for a clean shot!

Water on the lens? No more.

Inspired by nature, the dome is designed with an hydrophobic coating which prevents water droplets to ruin your shot. The dome is also durable and scratch resistant to handle the tough environment. A clean glass for a clean shot.

Bring TritonOn Your Journey

Triton Ballast System

Stormy Waves? Triton got you covered!

Triton is designed to handle the toughness and difficulties of the sea and will always keep the camera on top, all thanks to the 900 grams ballast at the end of the telescope. The telescope of the camera housing can be easily adjusted to adapt to different wave sizes. All to keep your camera functional and give you the most reliable experience, no matter the wavelength!

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