This week, components and parts for the prototype have arrived. Getting quality components have always been essential to make sure the product is reliable and works perfectly fine. Therefore, we are very careful when choosing our partners. We strive to make the products easy to use so you can just enjoy your best moments on the water.

We opened the package with the ballasts and quality and finish impressed us. Big thanks Techon for providing high-quality parts. We ordered two different ones to compare the difference in finish. One with black painted steel and the other one with black anodized aluminum. Both are nice even though anodized aluminum is pure beauty. Which one do you prefer?

The other box contained the telescope pipes used for the ballast. The classic twist function to extend the pole worked as hoped and we love the simplicity! We have designed the telescoping pole to be as small as possible for your travels. Therefore, it is very lightweight.

The final box contained spray cans. The mango color Triton has is inspired by freshness, adventure, and passion. It makes it visible in the sea for you who wonders!