It’s been a while since I wrote about our process and a lot has happenend since then. To kickoff this post I’m happy to say that Triton has been tested in the water and it works just like a prototype should! The overall function works with some minor problems. When testing our prototype there were many people coming by to say hello and ask us what’s floating in the water. I told them that this is the new era of ocean photography. With Triton you never misses a shot of your ocean adventure. I often here that the product looks really cool and people wonder what the purpose of the product is.

I created Triton because I wanted to capture the best moments on the water and share them with my friends and family.

Camace Triton Adventure Prototype

Triton is made for people who love ocean adventures and want to have memories of their best experiences. I’m a kitesurfer myself and I’ve always felt a need for someone to hold the camera. I’ve asked my friends to hold camera but they want to surf too. Taking high quality footage of yourself with a camera is almost impossible while you are surfing. That’s what we have solved!