Hello adventurers!

We have exciting news, Triton is soon ready to be assembled after many hours of sanding. During the past weeks, we have optimized all the tolerances in CAD and 3D-printed new parts until they were nearly perfect. All the parts are finished except one. And that is the inflatable ring which has caused a delay due to several reasons. It’s a complicated part that few people know how to do. And the manufacturer that created the first one was just a hassle. Luckily, we have now found a new supplier that we feel is very reliable.

As we already mentioned in one of our earlier post we want you to get the best product possible because we care. We care about your satisfaction and we care about our planet. At this very moment we are looking how the parts work together and the next steps in the building process.

We are right in the building process of Triton and it will soon be finished. Are you excited? We are!